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                               Our Breeders 

All of our breeding cats undergo a complete genetic examination to ensure that they are not carriers of any defective genes and that they do not transmit any hereditary diseases to their kittens. Please feel free to ask us for more details on these tests. 

                          Our Kittens

Our Kittens live in the house with us and are very well socialized with children and dogs. All kittens are initiated to leash training while at the cattery. All of our kittens come with a health guarantee, they are sterilized , vaccinated ,dewormed , microchiped, and registered with TICA ( The International Cat Association) 

Our Kittens leave our home around the age of 16 weeks. You can follow our facebook page , Chatterie Stormypoint Serengetis and Orientals, to watch them grow up .

If you are interested in becoming a breeder, you can contact me for more information at

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