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About us

Stormypoint Serengetis is a small family based cattery. In 2019, while browsing the TICA website , I fell in love with the Serengeti. After lots of research and speaking with the founder of the breed, I decided that I wanted to reintroduce the Serengeti to Canada. In 2020 I purchased my first foundation cats , my Bengal stud and Oriental queen. And a few months later imported a beautiful Serengeti Queen from the Ukraine.


My Goal is to offer beautiful, healthy, high quality and extremely friendly Serengeti  cats that uphold the Standard of the breed

About the Serengeti

Created in 1994 by Karen Sausman, the Serengeti Cat is a cross between a Bengal and an Oriental Shorthair. The breed was modeled on the African Serval Cat , so as to have an exotic looking breed with no wild genes. The Serengeti can be registered and shown in both TICA (Advanced New Breed) and CCC (Evolving Breed). 

The ideal Serengeti is a medium sized cat with long legs. It should appear as a graceful, statuesque, squarely build cat with a very upright posture. Their ears are strikingly large and round tipped.

The Serengeti Cat has a clear yellow to gold coat with a pattern of distinct widely spaced black spots.Their stomach and chin can be lighter in color. Since melanistic Servals are known to exist, Serengeti Cats may also be cold gray, with black spots, silver with black spots or solid black.

Serengeti cats can weigh between 8-12 lbs for females and 10-15 lbs for males.

The temperament of the Serengeti is open, self assured and friendly. If introduced properly they can get along well with other pets. They are quite active and can be very vocal at times . They love to climb and play 

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